Mayawati made Akash successor, BJP said - BSP be completely destroyed

Mayawati has declared akash Anand as her successor. BSP has welcomed Mayawati’s decision. There is

enthusiasm among the workers and leaders after handing over the command of BSP to the young leader. On the

other hand, bjp has reacted strongly to akash Anand becoming Mayawati’s successor. Spokesperson Rakesh

Tripathi said, Succession happens in the family, not in the political party. He said that mayawati first

converted Kanshi Ram’s mission into a commission and now pushed him into the quagmire of nepotism.

BJP’s first reaction on Mayawati’s decision

Obviously, with Mayawati’s decision, BSP will be completely destroyed. He said that political parties are formed

by the public and workers. The party chief is elected through the democratic process. The bjp leader said that

the tradition of declaring a successor was prevalent in the Mughal dynasty and the Mughal Sultanate. Such a

system has ended due to the democratic process. But now Kanshi Ram's party is completely dominated by

familyism. Therefore, the condition of BSP is continuously worsening.

Young leader akash Anand will take command of BSP

The founding members left the party one after another. Rakesh Tripathi said that the way BSP has done the work

of deciding the succession today, it is clear that the party will cease to exist in the coming days. Let us tell you

that BSP has got the data-face of youth leader in the form of akash Anand. workers and leaders are welcoming

Mayawati's decision. On the other hand, bjp is not liking Mayawati's decision. bjp believes that Mayawati's

successor has been made apart from the democratic practice. It is being said that akash Anand will be seen

publicly in the lok sabha elections.

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