MP Election Result 2023: Digvijay Singh’s big question after defeat in MP

After the crushing defeat of congress in madhya pradesh, the statement of senior congress leader Digvijay Singh

has come to light. congress has to data-face defeat in Madhya Pradesh. Out of total 230 seats in the state, bjp has got

163 seats while congress had to be content with 66 seats while others have got one seat. congress leader Digvijay

Singh's statement has come out on the election results. He has raised questions on the voting pattern by tweeting.

Digvijay Singh tweeted- Thank you to all the voters who voted for congress through postal ballots and expressed

their trust in us. There is evidence in the data of photographs which shows that through postal ballot, we i.e.

Congress has lead on 199 seats, whereas in most of these seats we could not get full confidence of the voters in

EVM counting. It can also be said that That when the system wins, the public (i.e. the public) loses. We are proud

that our grassroots workers worked wholeheartedly for the congress and strengthened their faith in democracy.

In another tweet, Digvijay Singh wrote - Now you have the figures of total 230 seats. The number of votes

polled for congress and bjp through postal ballot is presented for analysis. The point to think is that when the

people are the same, then how did the voting pattern change so much? Let us tell you that this time bjp has won a

bumper victory in madhya pradesh and bjp has made a dent in the stronghold of a veteran leader like Kamal

Nath. Like the year 2018, this time too congress has succeeded in winning all the 7 seats under the influence of

Kamal Nath in Chhindwara district. But in Mahakaushal it has to suffer the loss of 8 seats.

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