MP Election Result: Custom has not changed in Madhya Pradesh!

The people of Khargone in madhya pradesh can already sense the political mood of the state and that is why it is

said that only the party that wins the stronghold of Khargone is successful in reaching power. This tradition, which

had been going on in the last 12 assembly elections, continued this time also. While bjp retained power in the

state by capturing 163 seats, congress was reduced to only 66 seats.

In Khargone assembly seat, BJP's Balkrishna Patidar defeated Congress's ravi Joshi by 13,765 votes. Patidar got a

total of 1,01,683 votes while Joshi got 87,918 votes. After independence, a total of 16 assembly elections have

been held in madhya pradesh and out of these, 15 times the government has been formed in the state by the same

party which captured the Khargone assembly seat. This trend continued unabated in all the last 12 elections held

since 1972 and this time also the party that won Khargone came to power.

Congress candidate won in 2018

In the last madhya pradesh assembly elections (2018), congress ended the 15-year rule of bjp and returned to

power in the state. The people of Khargone had already sensed the political mood of the state. He rejected the BJP

candidate. Congress's ravi Joshi defeated Balkrishna Patidar, who had won elections here twice in a row. After the

victory in this election, the leadership of the congress government came into the hands of Kamal Nath. However,

his government could not complete its five-year term. After the rebellion of Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kamal Nath's

government fell and bjp returned to power. Shivraj Singh Chauhan became the chief minister of the state for the

fourth time.        

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