Shock to these 6 MLAs who joined BJP with Scindia, 7 got victory

BJP succeeded in winning more than half of the 34 seats in the Gwalior-Chambal region of madhya pradesh in the

2023 assembly elections, but many leaders who rebelled against congress in 2020 and joined bjp along with

Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, lost this time. Had to taste it. In march 2020, the Kamal Nath-led Congress

government fell due to the rebellion of 22 MLAs. He later joined bjp along with Scindia, which was back in

power at that time.

In this election, bjp won 18 out of 34 seats in gwalior Chambal region, considered Scindia's stronghold, while

Congress had to be content with 16. The results of this election were declared on sunday (3 December). Scindia

held 85 rallies and road shows in that area. This area was ruled by his family for many centuries. The leaders who

joined bjp from congress and lost on sunday include Imarti Devi from Dabra, Raghuraj Singh Kansana from

Morena, Jajpal Singh Jaggi from Ashoknagar, Rajvardhan Singh prem Singh Dattigaon from Badnawar, State

Minister suresh Dhakad Rathkheda from Pohri and Mahendra Sisodia from Bamori. .

6 MLAs who joined bjp from congress did not get tickets

The winners include Pradyuman Singh Tomar from gwalior, Govind Singh Rajput from Surkhi, Dr. Prabhuram

Chaudhary from Sanchi, Tulsiram Silavat from Saver, besides Brijendra Singh Yadav from Mungawali, Manoj

Chaudhary from Hatpipliya and Mohan Singh Rathore from Bhitarwar. Of the 19 people considered close to

Scindia who switched sides in 2020, bjp this time refused to give tickets to six, including Jaswant Jatav, OPS

Bhadauria, Giriraj Dhanotia and Munnalal Goyal. It was a mixed result for the remaining 13 as six of them lost.

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