Madhya Pradesh may have two Deputy CMs, one tribal and one OBC face

There may be two Deputy CMs in madhya pradesh on the lines of UP, sources informed. According to sources,

there may be one tribal and one OBC data-face in it. BJP’s strategy is to prepare a leadership in Madhya Pradesh. bjp is

trying to solve the equation of castes. According to sources, there are preparations to make a Brahmin data-face the CM

but it is not final yet. bjp has achieved a bumper victory in madhya pradesh by winning 163 seats. Whereas

Congress was limited to only 69 seats. Now soon a new government will be formed in the state. Before this, many

discussions were going on in the state regarding the post of Chief Minister. Apart from this, news is also coming

that bjp can make two Deputy CMs in madhya pradesh on the lines of Uttar Pradesh. It is believed that to solve

the caste equation, bjp can make a Brahmin data-face the chief minister while an OBC and a tribal data-face can be made

the Deputy Chief Minister.

In fact, after the election results, the discussions about change of leadership in madhya pradesh have now gone

into the background, because despite all the adverse circumstances, shivraj singh chouhan has once again proved

his popularity in this hindi state.

Many potential contenders for the top post in the three Hindi-speaking states have not contested the assembly

elections. The party has in the past also expressed confidence in leaders who were not members of state

assemblies, such as yogi adityanath in 2017. The party later selected him for the post of Chief Minister. Union

Ministers narendra singh tomar and Jyotiraditya Scindia, who are contesting from Dimani assembly seat, have

long been seen as contenders for the post of chief minister in Madhya Pradesh.

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