Who is Ramesh Mendola? Broke the records of all three states!!!

In madhya pradesh assembly elections, outgoing bharatiya janata party (BJP) mla Ramesh Mendola won

Indore-2 constituency by a huge margin of 1,07,047 votes and retained BJP’s 30-year-old hold on this seat. This is

the largest margin of victory of any candidate on all 230 assembly seats in the state. This time in the Indore

Assembly elections, bjp candidates have won all 9 seats, but the story of indore Assembly-2 is different. Apart

from madhya pradesh, Ramesh Mendola has secured the highest number of votes, breaking the records of

Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. With this, now his claim for the post of minister has also become very strong. Before

that, let us look at some figures to see by how many votes which leader has won in which state.

Madhya Pradesh

Ramesh Mendola – won by 1,07,047 votes

Krishna Gaur- won by 1,06,668 votes

Shivraj Singh Chauhan – won by 1,04,974 votes


Diya Kumari- won by 71,368 votes

Rajkumar Rot- won by 69,166 votes

Manish Yadav- won by 64,908 votes


Brijmohan Aggarwal- won by 67,719 votes

Omprakash Chaudhary - won by 64,443 votes

Arun Saav- won by 45,891 votes

If we talk according to statistics, Ramesh Mendola has got about 72% of the votes cast in the assembly. There are

347000 voters in this assembly, out of which about 2 lakh 34 thousand people voted this time. Out of these 2 lakh

34 thousand votes, Mendola alone got 1 lakh 69 thousand votes, which is about 72%, whereas Ramesh Mendola's

rival and congress candidate Chintu Choukse got only 62000 votes, whose percentage, if calculated, would be It is

only 26%, which means that out of every 10 voters, 7 voted for Ramesh Mendola.

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