What will be Sachin Pilot’s strategy after Congress’s defeat?

After the crushing defeat in Rajasthan, former deputy chief minister sachin pilot has given a statement regarding

what will be the future strategy of Congress. He has made it clear that once again he will work for the party with

full strength. sachin pilot defeated his nearest rival Ajit Singh Mehta from Tonk assembly seat. In the results

declared on sunday (3 December), congress was reduced to just 69 seats. After which discussion started regarding

the defeat of Congress.

According to the news published in India, sachin pilot, while reacting to the defeat in Rajasthan, said that the

reasons for the defeat in the state will be discussed in both jaipur and Delhi. It is important to reflect on the custom

for which we worked hard to change, but despite so many efforts we did not succeed. He said that I am a Congress

worker, I will make every possible effort to fulfill the responsibility given to me by the party. Outgoing Chief

Minister's OSD lokesh Sharma has held ashok gehlot responsible for the defeat of congress in Rajasthan.

Regarding these claims of OSD lokesh Sharma, sachin pilot said that it is necessary to think over his allegations.

The accountability of the new government will be decided

Congress leader sachin pilot said that such statement of the Chief Minister's OSD is surprising, the party high

command needs to pay attention to his claims and see how much truth is there in his words. He said that all the

reasons for the party's defeat will be analyzed. sachin pilot said that today the public has entrusted us with the

responsibility of sitting in the opposition. We will work for the party in the coming time, and will take action

through the party to decide the accountability of the new government that will be formed in the state.

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