Sister-in-law defeated brother-in-law on this assembly seat of Rajasthan

There were many seats in the rajasthan assembly elections, where relatives were facing each other. Similarly,

brother-in-law and sister-in-law were facing each other in Dholpur assembly seat of Dholpur district of Bharatpur

division. This time, congress had made Shobharani Kushwaha its candidate from Dholpur assembly seat, while

BJP had fielded Dr. Shiv Charan Kushwaha by giving ticket. bjp candidate Dr. Shiv Charan Kushwaha is the

brother-in-law of Shobharani Kushwaha. After the assembly elections held on november 25, in the counting of

votes held on sunday (December 3), Shobharani Kushwaha prevailed over brother-in-law Shiv Charan Kushwaha.

Shobharani Kushwaha has defeated her nearest rival Ritesh Sharma from Dholpur seat by a margin of 16789 votes.

His brother-in-law Dr. Shiv Charan Kushwaha stood third. The difference between victory and defeat between

brother-in-law and sister-in-law was 24087 votes. Shobharani Kushwaha had contested the elections from Dholpur

assembly seat on bjp ticket in the year 2018 and reached the assembly after winning. In the year 2023, Shobharani

Kushwaha left bjp and joined congress and contested the assembly elections on the congress symbol and won.

Shobharani secured almost 40 percent votes

To win in Dholpur, bjp had fielded Shobharani Kushwaha's brother-in-law Shiv Charan Kushwaha. Challenging

the caste equations, the bjp high command fielded the brother-in-law against the sister-in-law. However, BJP's

plan did not succeed. Shobharani Kushwaha secured almost 40 percent votes in Dholpur, while her brother-in-law

Dr. Shivcharan Kushwaha stood third with 26.16 percent votes. Bahujan Samaj party candidate Ritesh Sharma got

more votes than him, Ritesh Sharma got more than 30 percent votes and stood second.

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