Maharashtra: Shinde government’s Muslim card, this fund increased

Abdul Sattar has said that a fund of Rs 500 crore has been approved in the cabinet for the education of children

of minority department. Earlier this fund was Rs 30 crore... which has now been increased to Rs 500 crore. A

few days after chief minister Eknath Shinde inaugurated the regional office of maharashtra State Waqf Board

headquartered at Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar in Mumbai, Minority Development Department and Waqf Minister

Abdul Sattar gave this information on Tuesday. Many decisions have been taken in the state cabinet meeting

chaired by chief minister Eknath. maharashtra deputy cm devendra fadnavis and deputy cm Ajit Pawar were

also present in this meeting along with cm Shinde. Know what decisions were taken in this meeting.

1- Consolidated Panchnama of weather affected areas will be presented immediately. Farmers will be given


2- A decision has been taken to reduce the flat transfer fee by 50 percent in slum rehabilitation, which has

brought great relief to the slum dwellers.

3- 'Chief minister Mera Vidyalaya, Sundar Vidyalaya' campaign in the state. Schools will be evaluated. There

will be 478 schools in the first phase.

4- Construction of Marathi language building will be done rapidly.

5- government guarantee increased for Maulana azad Minority Economic Development Corporation.

6- Decision on revised retirement pay of the judges of the Industrial and Labor Court.

7- There will be a significant increase in revenue by implementing maharashtra Stamp Duty Abhay Yojana -


8- Decision to amend the Act for occupancy class 1 land to tenant farmers of Agricultural Corporation

Demand for Muslim reservation in Maharashtra

The All india Ulema Board (AIUB) warned last saturday that the Muslim community in maharashtra would

launch a major agitation if the state government did not promise 5 percent reservation in education. AIUB's

demand comes amid the ongoing maratha reservation movements across the state, with Dhangars demanding

change of classification from NT (C) to st and OBCs demanding to protect their existing reservation. Apart

from reservation, the conference also demanded introduction of Arabic language teaching in all urdu medium

schools of the state.

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