CM Gehlot’s big statement - We will accept whatever results come on 3rd, but...


Before the results of assembly elections in rajasthan, state chief ashok gehlot has claimed the victory of

Congress. He also fiercely targeted BJP. cm Gehlot said that bjp government is not coming in every state. We

will win rajasthan with a clear majority. madhya pradesh and chhattisgarh will also win and telangana will

also win. The atmosphere is changing in the entire country. PM Modi’s narrative is not being made, names of

local leaders are missing here. chief minister ashok gehlot further said, A heinous murder took place in

rajasthan, the people who committed the murder were from his party. He did not say that the murderer was

caught within 2 hours. The language of the home minister, Chief Ministers and the prime minister was the

same. We are in this election. We were on local issues. These people had gone to hold the convention. What will

they say about what we did.

government will repeat

cm Gehlot further said, He got the blow from rajasthan itself. He could not topple our government, this is a

hole in his heart. He tried to instigate the people but he failed. This is what people are getting in Rajasthan. The

talks are taking place and it is becoming clear that the government is repeating itself, but whatever results come

on the 3rd, we will accept it, but I feel that the government is going to repeat itself.

Results will come on december 3

Let us tell you that in rajasthan, which has 200 assembly seats, voting was held on 199 seats on 25 November.

The results of the assembly elections will be declared on december 3. Before this, both bjp and Congress

parties are claiming their respective victories.

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