Will Uttarakhand's Silkyara tunnel rescue mission of 41 workers be taken as a Movie..???

Sekar Chandra
True stories are the most powerful means of touching the emotions of an audience. The dramatic depiction of true stories in epic cinema has proven to be a lucrative formula in the film industry. bollywood boasts many amazing films to fit everyone’s preferences, ranging from biopics to historical dramas to crime and war stories. The latest addition to the real-life stories turning into a film is the rescue mission of the 41 workers who were trapped in Uttarakhand’s Silkyara tunnel.

After 16 days of intense efforts by multiple agencies, all 41 workers trapped inside the tunnel in Uttarkashi were safely rescued on tuesday evening. Now, News18 Showsha has learned that many filmmakers and production houses are racing to claim film titles based on India’s successful mission. The offices of the indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA), Producers Guild of India, and indian Film and television Producers Council (IFTPC) in mumbai have had many requests to register various film titles.

Actor Anil Nagrath who is also the chairman of IMPPA says that his office has already received a couple of requests for the title registration, “Rescue, Rescue-41, and Mission 41- The Great Rescue are the titles that have already been registered. The tragic news turned into a joy of happiness for the entire country only last evening, so a lot of people will now come forward to register their titles. Over the next few days, we will be reviewing all these requests and will grant permission on a first come first serve basis.”

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