Why Mutual disputes between Indian Alliance parties???

Reportedly as the lok sabha elections are approaching, the indian alliance seems to be weakening due to mutual disputes

and conflicts instead of planning its own. In the recent assembly elections, where the allies were seen standing

data-face to data-face, there was also a competition among the allies to make their leaders the candidates for the post of

PM. This clearly shows the disagreements arising between the coalition parties. The question arises that if we

go to the elections with different data-faces, how will we be able to give the message of unity and compete with the

data-faces standing in front.

If we look at the data-faces for the post of PM in the alliance, then from JDU, Nitish’s supporters have already been

calling him a contender for the post of Prime Minister. Now the name of SP chief akhilesh yadav has also

appeared in this list. Recently, at the function organized in Saifai on the birth anniversary of Mulayam Singh

Yadav, the way senior leaders of the party put forth the issue of making Akhilesh the Prime Minister, it is

certain that in the coming times, the challenge of the india alliance will be like a pomegranate and a hundred

sick ones.

By expressing his ambition for the post of Prime Minister, Akhilesh’s supporters pitted him against former

Congress President rahul Gandhi. Whereas from the congress side too, there has been talk from time to time of

naming rahul gandhi as the data-face of the post of Prime Minister. If we look at the recent developments, in a

program organized on the birth anniversary of Mulayam Singh in Saifai, SP’s National Vice President

Kiranmoy Nanda said that we would have been very happy if Netaji had become the Prime Minister. Nanda

said that we still have a chance, the lok sabha elections of 2024 are very near. We want to fulfill the unfulfilled

dream of our people and in 2024, we will send akhilesh yadav from this Uttar Pradesh and make him the Prime

Minister of the country.

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