KCR campaigned extensively across the state for last in Karnataka elections!?

Much like Siddaramaiah’s one day campaign in Varuna constituency during karnataka elections this May, telangana chief minister and BRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao is saving his Gajwel campaign for last. BRS leaders claim kcr, as Rao is popularly known, has won the hearts and minds of the people in Gajwel, but political analysts deem this approach as a display of overconfidence. Gajwel constituency in telangana has elected kcr twice before. This time, the chief minister extensively campaigned across the state, leaving Gajwel for last.

“KCR will close the campaign for telangana elections in his constituency. There is no need for him to campaign in his seat as the work that he has done will campaign for him,” BRS spokesperson Dasoju shravan Kumar told. The BRS chief will be facing friend-turned-foe and former colleague Etela Rajender from the bjp in this high-profile seat. Rajender had joined the bjp after quitting the BRS in 2021 following a major fallout with the party’s leadership. He successfully contested the bypolls from huzurabad seat and declared he would defeat kcr in a direct contest. The congress has nominated Thumkunta Narsa for the seat.

Political analyst Gali Nagaraja thinks kcr has a tough challenge ahead as he contests against Etela Rajender. He points out that the Mallanna Sagar project led to the displacement of numerous farmers, some of whom died by suicide after failing to receive rehabilitation and relocation package from the government. Voters in Gajwel as well as across the state speak of KCR’s inaccessibility, citing his confinement to his farmhouse. “Four issues that kcr is facing in Gajwel are anti-incumbency, being inaccessible to people, local problems like the displacement of farmers under the Mallanna Sagar project, as well as social engineering. All this shows it’s not an easy ride for him,” said Nagaraja.

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