Workers trapped in mine for 15 days.. Rescue work delayed!?


Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse: Rescuers are working non-stop to rescue 41 construction workers who were trapped in a collapsed tunnel in uttarakhand on november 12. However, due to continuous rains and temperature falling below 4 degrees Celsius, it has become an additional obstacle for the rescuers who are already facing many obstacles there. The Meteorological Department has predicted snowfall in areas above 4,000 meters in uttarakhand, adding to the challenges of rescue teams.

Workers have been trapped in a roughly 4.5-kilometer (3-mile) tunnel since the mine collapsed on november 12. Rescue efforts are now facing additional challenges due to adverse weather conditions in the mountainous region with thunderstorms, hail and low temperatures. However, rescue officials are confident that they are ready to deal with any situation. "They are trained to work in every situation, so we are not worried," Mahmood Ahmed, managing director of NHIDCL, told news agency Reuters. The 41 workers trapped in the tunnel for over 360 hours, almost 16 days, may have to wait a long time for their rescue.

The prolonged confinement of workers inside tunnels raises serious concerns about their health and welfare. Doctors have stressed the need for extensive rehabilitation of the trapped workers, fearing that prolonged confinement in one place may require mental and physical recovery processes.

The vertical drilling which started yesterday will be successfully completed by Thursday, said Mr. ahmed said, no unexpected obstacles have arisen. Microtunneling expert chris Cooper said today that debris had been cleared from the auger machine and manual drilling would begin in a few hours.

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