Durai Murugan's assistant who threatened the officer!?

 Enforcement department sensational information in sand robbery case. According to the Enforcement Directorate, minister Durai Murugan's interview assistant Umapathi persuaded a Water Resources Department official not to attend the hearing. The Directorate of Enforcement has informed the madras high court that an officer of the Water Resources Department has given a statement that minister Durai Murugan's interview assistant Umapathi insisted that he should not appear for the investigation related to sand robbery. There was an allegation that sand quarries in tamil Nadu are being illegally sold in excess of the amount set by the government and illegal money transactions have taken place with the proceeds.

In this regard, on behalf of the Enforcement Department, which is investigating, Water Resources Department Chief engineer Muthiah, retired Public Works Department engineer Thilakam and 10 district Collectors have been summoned to appear at the Enforcement Department office. After receiving the summons, Chief engineer Water Resources Department Muthiah appeared at the Enforcement Department office in Nungambakkam, chennai for questioning.

A case has been filed on behalf of the tamil Nadu government in the madras high court against the enforcement department's summons to ten district Collectors. The case was filed on behalf of the Public Department, Water Resources Department Secretaries, Trichy, Karur, Ariyalur, thanjavur and Vellore district Collectors. In this case, a petition was filed on monday on behalf of the enforcement department. In it, it is stated that minister Durai Murugan's interview assistant Umapathi forced a Water Resources Department official not to appear for the Enforcement Department investigation and the Water Resources Department official himself has given a statement in this regard.

Already in this case, since september 12th, enforcement officers have conducted raids at more than 30 places including sand quarries, sand storage sheds, quarry contractors' houses and offices across tamil Nadu. Unaccounted property documents, cash of Rs 12.82 crore and jewelery worth Rs 56.86 lakh were seized from the houses of Pudukottai Ramachandran, an agent of sand quarries, Dindigul Ratnam, Karikalan and water resources officials.

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