Salem equal to Chennai, Bengaluru: 8 lanes again..!?

Jharkhand governor CP Radhakrishnan has said that the eight-lane road project between salem and chennai will come back.

Jharkhand governor CP Radhakrishnan visited salem yesterday. He met the media after having darshan of Swami at the famous Arulmiku fort Mariamman temple there. Speaking at that time, he said, "Spirituality is the only way to develop individual morals and to help people who are in need without expecting anything in public life. The greatest advantage of the city of salem is the strength of fort Mariamman. Over time, salem has emerged as a successful city and metropolis. The eight-lane road project will come back. I pray to Mariamman that the city of salem becomes equal to chennai and equal to Bengaluru.” He said that Udayanidhi cannot eliminate the Sanatana, and if it is to be eliminated, the congress must first come out of the alliance. Also, "It is the duty of the governor to shelve any law passed contrary to the Constitution, seek the opinion of the supreme court and seek the opinion of the Attorney General." CP Radhakrishnan also said.

Continuing, he said, "They say that the salary we give to the governor is alms. If so, who put the salary you buy is a beggar. people are masters of all. DMK ministers should understand that everyone gets their salary from people's tax money.” said.

Earlier, during the AIADMK rule in 2018, the central government announced the eight-lane project between salem and Chennai. It was also announced that a fund of Rs.10,000 crore will be allocated for this. However, it was alleged that 7,000 acres of agricultural land would be destroyed if this was implemented. Therefore, the agricultural organizations of the six districts affected by the scheme protested against it.

The then opposition DMK strongly opposed this project. However, DMK's stand on this matter has been questioned after winning the 2021 elections and forming the government. "The DMK is not opposed to the Chennai-Salem 8-lane project and their opinion is that it should be implemented through an alternate route. So the chief minister of tamil Nadu will take a policy decision on this matter.” Public Works minister AV Velu has said.

We protested as farmers' lands were being encroached upon beyond limits. AV Velu said that DMK has never objected to the road widening projects and said that the plan to convert an eight-lane road into a six-lane road in the assembly was implemented. No matter how the plan is brought in, the acquisition of agricultural land is bound to be met with opposition. It may be recalled here that even in the DMK election manifesto, it has been said that measures will be taken to prevent the conversion of agricultural lands to other uses without the consent of the farmers and that the agricultural lands will be protected.

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