Why Arvind Rajbhar verbally attacked Akhilesh Yadav and called him Bhasmasur??


As per report Arvind Rajbhar, son of former cabinet minister Omprakash Rajbhar and son of National General Secretary of

Subhashpa, reached Basti today on sunday (26 November). During this, the workers gave a warm welcome to

their leader. Whereas Arvind Rajbhar verbally attacked Samajwadi party National President akhilesh yadav and

called him Bhasmasur. Along with this, he said that india alliance is for the leaders to eat tea and pakodas and he

claimed that the nda alliance will win 80 lok sabha seats in UP.

Let us tell you that leaders have started coming to the district regarding the upcoming lok sabha elections. All

parties are holding meetings with workers to strengthen the booth level. workers are also reaching out in large

numbers and working to convey the words of their leader to the people. In the same series, National General

Secretary of Subhaspa Arvind Rajbhar reached Basti to attend the membership campaign program as the chief

guest. During this, while talking to the media, he made a big attack on SP President akhilesh yadav and

compared the former cm to Bhasmasur.

akhilesh yadav has become a leader like Bhasmasur.

Arvind Rajbhar said that those who are shouting about akhilesh yadav should understand that Akhilesh Yadav

has become a leader like Bhasmasur. He sought blessings from us, just as Bhasmasura sought blessings from Lord

shankar to bless us so that whoever we put our hands on, his head gets burnt to ashes. Lord shankar blessed him

without thinking and Bhasmasur chased Lord shankar first. Similarly, we call akhilesh yadav as Bhasmasur. We

place our hands on the head of any party with which we have an alliance and try to incinerate it. The time was

good, I understood him and got divorced on time.

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