BJP not upset about alliance with JD(S): BS Yeddyurappa...!?

Former cm BS Yeddyurappa clarified that no one in bjp is unhappy with the alliance with JD(S). bjp Central election Committee meeting is being held in delhi on sunday in the wake of the five state elections, and he arrived in delhi to attend the meeting. He spoke to reporters. Reacting to JDS state president cm Ibrahim's statement, not considering him in the alliance issue is a matter related to his party. However, he has given me all the information regarding the alliance. The high command leaders of our party have discussed this with me. Talks are going on about seat allocation. "We are bound by the decision taken by the High Command," he said. JDS especially Muslim leaders may be upset about this. Some leaders may be leaving the party. Muslim leaders leaving JD(S) will not have any impact. Even earlier, the Muslim community did not really support the JD(S). He said that if he had given support, JD(S) would not have been limited to 19 seats. Commenting on 'Operation Hasta', no bjp leader will go to Congress. I will call Ramappa Lamani and talk to him. I will talk to the rest. He said that if one leader leaves for some reasons, nothing will affect the party.

BJP Puja for Modi to become prime minister again: On the occasion of prime minister Narendra Modi's birthday, we performed a special Puja to Lord Ganesha praying for his good health and for him to become prime minister again. Former chief minister B.S. said that from now on we will tour across the state and fight against the failures of the state government. Yeddyurappa said. He spoke to reporters after performing special puja at Kurudumale Ganapati temple in Mulbagilu taluk. the state government is dead. Despite severe drought in the state, the government is in slumber. So, we are going to do the work of alerting the government. The struggle has started from the front door, condemning the terrible drought in the state and the failures of the state government. He said that we will hold meetings of activists across the state and win more than 25 seats in the state in the next lok sabha elections and give gifts to Modi.

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