10000 crore grant for minorities: CM Siddaramaiah..!?

400 crores for minorities. I had increased the existing grant to 3 thousand crores. I will increase the grant next year as well. 10 thousand crores by the end of my tenure. chief minister Siddaramaiah has said that he will give grants. He spoke while inaugurating Baris Souharda Bhavan newly built by Baris Well Fair Association in Barangay. You have demanded more funding for the Muslim community. When I became chief minister, no one appealed to me for grants. However, I increased the grant. I am responsible for the equal development of all communities in the state. He said that the wealth of the state should be shared equally with all. I will work on increasing the grant next year as well. By the end of my term, as the data-size of the budget increases, we can provide grants of up to Rs 10,000 crore. He said that I will do that work. I will increase the Muslim grant to 10 thousand crores: cm Siddaramaiah has said that he will increase the development funds for Muslims to 10 thousand crores before the end of his tenure as the cm of the state. While inaugurating bari Souharda Bhavan constructed by bari Welfare Association in Bengaluru and speaking to the media, he talked about the demand for funds for the development of the Muslim community.

Earlier, 400 crores was earmarked for Muslim development. After that I increased it to 3 thousand crores. Even then no one came to me and asked about this. Even so, I had oversubscribed. Even now, the same grant will be made more and more. Next I will increase to 10 thousand before my term ends that is my job. In the state we work for the development of all communities. Siddaramaiah said that the wealth of the state should be available to all. At the same time, it has been said that Muslims are being neglected in the Congress. Muslim community should be given more ministerial position in the government. bari Welfare Association said that our UT Khader should have been made minister. The role of Muslims in the formation of the government is very important. bari Association president Syed Mohammad bari demanded that at least three more ministerial posts should be given to Muslims.

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