Telangana Holidays for Dasara and Bathukamma festival announced

The dussehra and Bathukamma festivals will be observed with school closures, according to the telangana government. This season, a total of 13 days have been designated as vacations for the dussehra and Bathukamma festivities. To this purpose, the telangana government Schools Academic Calendar 2022–23 includes information about dussehra vacations that was released by the education Department. 

However, although the dussehra vacations were extended by 14 days last year, they were only extended by 13 days this year, from october 13 to october 25. The next day, classes will start. dasara falls on october 24 and the great Bathukamma (Durgashtami) happens on october 22. The largest holiday observed in telangana is Dasara. Due to the fact that another holiday, Batukamma, also takes place in the same month, the celebrations last longer and are more elaborate.
To prepare for this occasion, the government declared vacations for offices, universities, and schools. dasara vacations were designated for 13 days in the academic calendar 2023–24 for educational institutions, down from 14 days in the previous year, according to the education department. The dasara vacations will last from october 14 to october 25, 2023. On Thursday, october 26, schools and institutions will reopen.

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