Lalan Singh spoke a lot against BJP, said- Nitish Kumar even in 7 births...


There is talk in political circles that chief minister nitish kumar may go with bjp again. Statements from different leaders

are also coming. Amidst all this, on thursday (September 28), JDU National President Lalan Singh spoke a lot. He said

that nitish kumar is not going to look towards bjp even in his seven births. bjp is such a party that no one would want to

spit on seeing. Lalan Singh also defended rajya sabha mp Manoj Jha. Said that his statement is being misrepresented.

Lalan Singh said that what Manoj Jha said during the proceedings in rajya sabha and the controversy that is going on

over it is not even his statement. This is neither his statement nor his opinion. He then read a poem during the speech.

He has also said that assuming I am a Thakur, his statement is not for any Thakur community. Lalan Singh said that now

the discussion is being raised after seven days of Manoj Jha speaking.

BJP's work is to spread confusion: Lalan Singh

JDU mp Lalan Singh said that BJP's job is to spread confusion. bharatiya janata party does not exist. Whatever was

promised was not fulfilled. Yesterday we expelled a supporter Ranveer Nandan from the party. Ranveer Nandan was

continuously giving statements against it. He was saying that both prime minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister

nitish kumar are symbols of development. Did anyone go to him for advice?

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