Saudi Arabia joins hands with Israel, now what will happen to Pakistan?


We have no intention of recognizing israel as a country... pakistan Foreign minister Jalil abbas Jilani said this on Sunday.

This statement of pakistan has come at a time when beliefs about israel are changing in the Middle east Asian countries

i.e. Arab countries. This situation can also bring big trouble for Pakistan.

In fact, during the 78th General Meeting of the United Nations General assembly last week, Israel’s Foreign minister Eli

Cohen met the representatives of those Muslim countries which have not yet recognized this country. Israel’s Foreign

minister claims that there are about 6 to 7 Muslim countries that want to normalize relations. These include UAE,

Bahrain, morocco and Sudan.

But saudi arabia, the richest country in the Middle east, has taken a step forward. Abraham Agreement was signed

between israel and saudi arabia in the presence of America on the sidelines of the United Nations meeting. Saudi

Arabia’s Crown prince Mohammed bin salman, the biggest leader of the Sunni Muslim countries, told Fox news that

talks are on to normalize relations with israel, which is bringing the two countries closer every day. However, when

Mohammed bin salman was asked whether he was moving towards formal relations with israel (which would include

recognizing it as a state), he replied that the issue of palestine is important. This has to be resolved.

The roots of the changing politics of Middle-East Asia are not only the presidential elections to be held in America next

year, but also Saudi Arabia’s own ambition of becoming a nuclear-rich country. The Biden government wants to show an

agreement between israel and saudi arabia as a major success in foreign policy in the elections. saudi arabia, on the

other hand, wants to make defense deals with Israel. Along with this, it also intends to start a civil nuclear program.

Sooner or later the matter may even reach the point of attaining nuclear weapon capability.

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