Got a call to resign from BJP - District President Bahadur Singh Bormundla


Reportedly bharatiya janata party has also announced the candidate from Nagda Khachrod seat of ujjain district in the list

of 39 candidates. However, opposition to this has also started. Many bjp leaders and workers have resigned

from their posts. bjp leaders are demanding change of candidate.

bjp had released the second list on monday in which Dr. Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan has been fielded as its

candidate from Nagda Khachrod seat of ujjain district. As soon as the name of Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan was

announced, protests also started. A gathering of bjp workers and leaders gathered at the house of former MLA

dilip Shekhawat.

dilip Shekhawat has been the mla of Nagda

bjp leaders started resigning. Former mla dilip Shekhawat's claim on this assembly seat was considered

confirmed. dilip Shekhawat has already been mla from Nagda Khachrod seat. He defeated Congress's Dilip

gurjar in the elections. He lost to Dilip gurjar in the 2018 elections. This time also congress can play its bet on

dilip Gurjar. On the other hand, congress has also started trying to take advantage of the anger growing in BJP.

Got a call to resign from bjp - district President

district President Bahadur Singh Bormundla said that calls had been received from some leaders including

Councilor Golu Yadav. He said that no one has yet resigned formally in writing. He has definitely said that

when there are many contenders for one seat, there is definitely resentment among the workers for a few days.

He also said that this is a family matter, nothing special.

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