VIDEO - Telangana Hyderabad 14 Year Boy Jumps from 35th Floor and Commits Suicide

According to Raidurgam police, a Class 10 student in his mid-teens committed himself on monday night at My home Bhooja after sending a whatsapp message to his family. The tragedy was discovered on tuesday morning since it had place in a remote area. "He sent a message in the family whatsapp group, saying I have personal reasons, please accept my apologies and give my things to younger brother" and "Thank you," stated Raidurgam inspector M. Mahesh. The family started looking for him right away.

Reliable sources state that the boy's father, who works for a private firm, learned on tuesday morning that his kid had been discovered in a pool of blood at the side of the building from a security guard.  He excelled in academics. According to his friends and relatives, he was also quite well-behaved, the inspector stated.
Police reported that they did not know what caused the suicide. The parents had no suspicions. According to the parents' complaint, inspector Mahesh remarked, "We are looking into what prompted him to take the extreme step." A family acquaintance refuted claims that the boy committed suicide because of an addiction to internet gaming. The youngster was last seen leaving the house on camera at 7 o'clock in the evening, and no more footage of him was taken after that.

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