Telangana IT Minister Warns IT Employees in Hyderabad

In reaction to the tdp supporters' rallies against the arrest of former andhra pradesh Chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu, telangana minister ktr said some unexpected things. Members of the tdp have planned rallies throughout the world to voice their anger over Naidu's detention. Particularly in hyderabad, IT workers took part in protests and rallies to express their concerns. KTR's remarks, however, deviated from many people's predictions.
In order to highlight the divergence between telangana and andhra pradesh politics, ktr advocated holding the protests in that state. He forewarned that interruptions in the IT corridor might result from demonstrations in hyderabad and possibly develop into problems with law and order. ktr cited the telangana movement's past, emphasising that protests were still prohibited in the IT corridor at the time.
He made it clear that while people were free to express their views on Chandrababu Naidu's incarceration, telangana was not involved and that the issue was primarily one between two political parties. ktr questioned the need for protests in hyderabad, highlighting how delicate the subject was. He emphasised that Chandrababu Naidu's detention was a legal matter that was under the authority of the court and that the results will be decided in accordance with the law.
Furthermore, ktr emphasised that he still had cordial relationships with a number of Andhra Pradeshi politicians, demonstrating that there was no personal animosity between him and the state.

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