Telangana Hyderabad - Prasads Multiplex CLOSED - No New Releases

On Thursday, Prasads Multiplex, a well-known entertainment venue in hyderabad, announced its temporary shutdown. In light of the forthcoming Ganesh immersion, a decision has been made. Prasads Multiplex has seen an upsurge in visitors over the last several days as a result of the ongoing ganesh chaturthi celebrations in the Tank Bund region. The administration has made the temporary decision to close its doors on the immersion day because to the increased activity and security considerations.
During the Ganesh immersion ceremony, the hyderabad Traffic police issued a warning advising people to stay off roads within a two-kilometer radius of Khairtabad Bada Ganesh. This advice led to the decision to close Prasads Multiplex, as it is anticipated that the increase of devotees taking part in the procession will cause severe traffic congestion in the neighbourhood.
To reduce traffic congestion, the general population has been asked to avoid a number of crucial intersections. VV Statue, Shadan Nirankari, Old PS Saifabad, Ayodhya, Iqbal Minar, telugu Thalli Junction, ntr Marg, and Necklace Rotary are a few of these intersections. Over the past few days, Prasads Multiplex has experienced a surge in visitors, owing to the increased footfall in the Tank Bund area due to the ongoing ganesh chaturthi celebrations.

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