PM Modi attacks the opposition, ‘They are upset if they are put in jail’

Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the people at the G-20 university Connect finale program on

Tuesday (26 September). During this he said that there is no comparison to India’s range. PM Modi said that

you should not consider any occasion as trivial. We made G-20 so big with this approach. India’s diversity and

democracy took G-20 to new heights. He said, “The success of the G20 summit was not surprising. When

youth join any program, success is certain.

What did PM Modi say?

PM Modi said, india has taken the G20 event to such heights. The world is surprised to see this. I am not

surprised at all, you might be saying what is the reason? Because students like you who take up the

responsibility of making the program successful are sure to be successful. PM Modi said that we are the fastest

growing economy in the world. The world's trust in india is high. Investment in india has reached record

levels. Our exports and imports are creating records. He claimed that in the last five years, more than 13.5

crore people have come out of poverty.

What did you say about the opposition?

PM Modi said that we have become importers of mobile phones from exporters. I know that many youth want

to become employers. Five lakh common service centers were opened in the last nine years. In each of these,

two to five people have got jobs. This is the result of political stability and democratic values. PM Modi also

attacked the opposition. Without taking names, he said, “We have done many things to control corruption.

Before 2014, corruption had ruined the country. Today I can proudly say that new technology based systems

have been created to stop the middlemen. By bringing reforms, we have created a transparent system by

eliminating brokers from the system.

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