What did Rahul Gandhi say from the stage in Jaipur on 24 September?

On the schemes of rajasthan government, rahul gandhi said that rajasthan has an edge in healthcare

solutions. In chhattisgarh we are connecting traditional manufacturing activities and farmers, leading

innovation. Apart from this, on one country, one election, congress leader rahul gandhi said, This is a

distraction strategy of BJP. Now, bjp cannot contest elections on issues. This is all a distraction. In response to

a question related to women’s reservation, rahul said that if he comes to power, he will immediately

implement women’s reservation.

He claimed that ask any businessman in india what happens to them if they support an opposition party... We

are no longer fighting a political party, we are fighting to protect the idea of India. And that is why we have

kept our name INDIA. During the same speech, rahul gandhi said that he has learned an important lesson in

Karnataka that bjp diverts attention due to which congress is not able to present its point and bjp gets the

benefit from it. That's why we fought the elections keeping our views prominent. He said that every time we

raise this issue, they use such things to divert our attention, but now we have learned how to deal with it.

Rahul said, “What we did in karnataka is that we gave a clear vision for the state. This is a social security

program that we’re going to create for you, and then we control the discourse.

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