MP Election 2023: Why is BJP eyeing Gandhwani assembly seat?

As the date of madhya pradesh assembly elections is coming closer, the stir on the political chessboard is

increasing. On one hand, congress is busy in selecting the names of candidates, while on the other hand, BJP

has so far announced the names of candidates on 78 seats. Both the major parties of the state are claiming their

respective victories. Amidst political turmoil, let’s discuss Gandhwani assembly seat of Madhya Pradesh.

Gandhwani assembly seat falls in Dhar district of the state. Presently Umangh Singhar is the mla from this

seat and has also been a minister in the state government.

Gandhwani seat is considered important in the politics of Dhar district. After delimitation in the year 2008, this

seat came into existence. Umang Singhar, nephew of former deputy chief minister of Madhya Pradesh

Jamuna Devi, is the mla from here. Since its coming into existence, bjp is still waiting for its first victory

here. In the 2018 assembly elections, Umang Singhar defeated bjp candidate Sardar Meda by 38 thousand 831

votes, he got 58 percent of the total votes. Umang Singhar is counted among the leaders close to Union

Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Umang Singhar is the mla here for three times.

Gandhwani assembly constituency is known as the stronghold of Congress. Since the formation of this seat,

Umang Singhar has been continuously winning from here as a congress candidate. Umang Singhar is

recognized as a tribal leader, which is why he has been winning the booth elections of Bhil tribal voters from

here. In the year 2008, Umang Singhar and bjp mp Chhatar Singh darbar were data-face to data-face. In this first

election, he defeated the bjp mp and established congress here.

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