Jairam Ramesh called the new Parliament as Modi multiplex..


congress mp Jairam Ramesh on saturday termed the new parliament building as Modi multiplex. He even

said that when the government changes in 2024, the new parliament building will be put to better use. bjp has

become an attacker on this statement of the congress leader. bjp President jp nadda said that even compared

to the lowest level of congress, this shows a very bad mentality. He called it an insult to Indians.

bjp President Nadda wrote on the social media platform X, Even according to the lowest standards of the

congress Party, this is a pathetic or rather bad mentality. This is nothing but an insult to the aspirations of 140

crore Indians. This is not the first time that congress has been anti-Parliament. He tried to do the same in 1975

and failed miserably. Apart from Nadda, Union minister giriraj singh also expressed displeasure over this

statement of Jairam.

What did giriraj singh say?

Union minister giriraj singh said that my demand is that there is a need to evaluate the bastions of dynasties

across India. The beginning should be with the immediate handing over of 1, Safdarjung Road Complex to the

government of India. This should be done keeping in mind that all the Prime Ministers have now been given a

place in the PM Sangrahalaya. Actually, 1, Safdarjung Road is the residence of former prime minister Indira

Gandhi, where indira gandhi Memorial Museum currently exists.

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