Manipur Violence: Internet ban lifted, action will - CM Biren Singh...


The government has announced to end the internet ban in Manipur, which has been affected by caste violence

for the last four months. Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh announced this in a press conference on

Saturday (September 23). He said that to prevent the spread of rumors related to violence, a ban on internet

service was imposed in the state, which has been ended from today. However, he indicated that he will

continue to take action against opium cultivators in the state and said that he will continue monitoring along

with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). Violence broke out in Manipur on May 3, after which fake

information about deaths and clashes was continuously being spread through the internet. For this reason the

government had banned internet services.

cm Biren Singh said, I want to inform the people of the state that the internet ban will be lifted from today.

Internet services were stopped in the state to stop the spread of rumours.

Why violence in Manipur Manipur?

The Vaishnav Meitei community of Manipur has been demanding for a long time to give itself the status of

Scheduled Tribe. This time the bjp led government there has a large number of MLAs from the Meitei

community, after which the process to fulfill their demands was started. In protest against this, the Christian

Kuki community of the state had started protests. In response to this, Meitei started protesting. On May 3, a

protest was organized by the Kuki community in the name of Tribal Solidarity March. After this violence

broke out.

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