On passing of Women’s Reservation Bill, Chairman Dhankhar statement


The Women’s Reservation Bill (Nari shakti Vandan Act Bill) was passed after discussion in the rajya sabha on

Thursday (21 September). 214 votes were cast in the house in its favor while not a single vote was cast against it.

On the passing of the Nari shakti Vandan Act Bill from the rajya sabha, Chairman and Vice President Jagdeep

Dhankhar congratulated the government and said that today is the birthday of prime minister Narendra Modi. He

said, This coincidence is such that according to Hindu customs today is also PM Modi’s birthday. I congratulate

him. Actually, PM Modi was born on 17 september 1950. He celebrated his 73rd birthday on sunday (17

September). Let us tell you that in the discussion on Women's Reservation Bill in rajya sabha, congress raised

questions on the delay in its implementation by the Central government, to which Union Law minister Arjun Ram

Meghwal and bjp President jp nadda replied.

What did congress say?

congress rajya sabha MP KC Venugopal said that this government had come to power in 2014 itself and had also

promised to implement women’s reservation. He questioned who stopped the government from bringing this bill for

so long. KC Venugopal further said that the law was talked about to be implemented after census and delimitation.

The government should tell when the census and delimitation work will be done. congress member Ranjit Ranjan

initiated the discussion on the bill. He asked why there was a need for a special session of parliament for this bill?

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