How Jyoti Beniwal joined BJP Why is BJP expecting?


The story of Jyoti Mirdha joining bjp began on 14 May 2023, when the statue of her grandfather and farmer leader

Nathuram Mirdha was unveiled by Vice President jagdeep dhankhar in Merta, Nagaur. Along with Dhankhar, Jyoti

Mirdha, Richpal Mirdha and rajasthan government minister Lalchand Kataria were also present on the stage in that

program. Jyoti Mirdha had gone to delhi along with the Vice President.

Why is bjp expecting 10 seats from Jyoti?

With the arrival of Jyoti Mirdha, bjp is seeing a gain of 10 seats. Hanuman Beniwal has been dominating the

Khinvsar seat. This time there are talks of Beniwal himself contesting the assembly elections from Khinvsar. In

such a situation, if Jyoti Mirdha’s close aide and retired IPS officer Sawai Singh, who joined bjp, gets the ticket,

then there will be a close fight between Beniwal and Jyoti Mirdha. With Jyoti Mirdha joining bjp, Nagaur,

Rajsamand and Kuchaman can be on the assembly seats of Didwana district and assembly seats of Nagaur and

Rajsamand. BJP’s strength may increase in 10 seats of these districts dominated by Jats. Apart from this, BJP

leaders are also expected to get benefits in Jhunjhunu and Churu seats data-bordering Haryana. Jyoti Mirdha also

belongs to the family of haryana Congress leader Bhupendra Singh Hooda. Jyoti Mirdha’s sister Shweta Mirdha is

the wife of Bhupendra Singh Hooda’s son Deependra Hooda.

However, Jyoti Mirdha’s mother-in-law krishna Gehlot has been the national president of BJP’s Mahila Morcha.

Dada Nathuram Mirdha has been the most powerful and popular leader of the Jat community in Marwar. After the

death of Nathuram Mirdha, bjp leader Bhairon Singh Shekhawat gave the ticket to his son Bhanuprakash Mirdha.

She became mp from Nagaur from BJP.

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