Women’s Reservation Bill from Parliament, PM Modi said - Really happy...


Women’s Reservation Bill has also been approved by Rajya Sabha. All the MPs voted in favor on this bill. After

this, prime minister Narendra Modi congratulated 140 crore countrymen in a post on social media platform X. PM

Modi said that I thank all those rajya sabha MPs who voted for the Nari shakti Vandan Act. Such unanimous

support is truly heartening.

He said, “With the passage of the Nari shakti Vandan Act in Parliament, we are ushering in an era of stronger representation and empowerment for the women of India. This is not just a law. This is a tribute to the countless

women who have built our country. india has become prosperous due to his contribution. 214 votes were cast in

support of the bill. No one voted against it. This bill was approved in the lok sabha on wednesday after a long

discussion. In the lower house, 454 votes were cast in favor of this bill and 2 against it. The bill has a provision for

33 percent reservation for women in the lok sabha and Assemblies. Now the bill will be sent for the President’s


What did amit shah say?

Union home minister amit shah said on the passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill that everything can be

accomplished if there is a wish. He wrote on social media X, Where there is a will, there is a way. A historic

milestone was achieved on the path of equitable governance when the rajya sabha passed the Women’s

Reservation Bill. He further said, By fulfilling a long standing demand, prime minister Narendra Modi has sent a

powerful message about gender equality to the world. For this, my heartfelt gratitude to PM Modi and

congratulations to every citizen.

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