Aam Aadmi Party’s demand - Women reservation should be implemented


The aam aadmi party (AAP) on thursday objected to the manner in which the bill providing for reserving

one-third seats for women in the lok sabha and the Assemblies was presented in Parliament. The party alleged

in the rajya sabha that the government’s intention was not to implement the proposed law but only to take

credit. Along with this, the party demanded to implement women Reservation in lok sabha and Legislative

Assemblies in the current situation from the upcoming lok sabha elections.

AAP member sandeep Pathak, while participating in the discussion in the Upper house on the Constitution

(128th Amendment) Bill, 2023, which provides for reserving 33 percent seats for women in the lok sabha and

Legislative Assemblies, said that this bill was brought in a hurry. And the government did not have adequate

preparation for this. Pathak said that the way the bill was presented, what was the need for it. He said that the

government was maintaining complete secrecy in presenting it and the opposition leaders also got information

about it from the media. He said that this government keeps diverting the attention of the media and when the

issue related to an industrialist gained momentum, it started discussing One Nation One Election.

The bill should not remain a mere jumla – sandeep Pathak

Pathak said that this is an important bill for the country and society and he supports it. He said that the then

Prime minister Rajiv gandhi had mooted the idea of women’s reservation which took 35 years to be

completed. The AAP member termed it a misleading bill and raised apprehension that along with the slogans

like doubling the income of farmers, bringing in black money, providing employment to crores of rupees, the

issue of women's reservation might also become a slogan. He said that obstacles like census and delimitation

have been imposed in the implementation of women's reservation.

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