Ahead of Telangana assembly polls Controversial Razakar Movie teaser Released

A teaser for the film "Razakar" was released yesterday in advance of the telangana assembly elections. Soon, the movie will be available in theatres. According to the movie, hyderabad did not achieve independence on august 15, 1947, although india did. It also aims to draw attention to the alleged atrocities the Razakars are accused of committing on the people of former Hyderabad.
Reactions of political leaders to Razakar movie teaser

Raja Singh, a Goshamahal MLA, hailed the film and compared it to the "Kashmir Files" films after the movie's teaser was unveiled. He said there will be an effort to stop its theatrical release. He posted on social media, "An excellent film titled '#Razakar' is soon to be released." "I urge people to help promote this movie nationwide and contribute to its success," he continued.

Amjed Ullah Khan, a spokesperson for MBT, said earlier, before the release of the Razakar movie teaser, that the film is based on twisted history and pure imagination and can stir animosity among people. He demanded that the movie be stopped. The film is anticipated to elicit responses from rival political parties as telangana prepares for the assembly elections.

Who were the Razakars?

Under Nizam's leadership, the nationalist party's paramilitary volunteer army in hyderabad state was known as the Razakars. Bahadur Yar Jung, the leader of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, founded the organization in 1938, and it underwent significant growth under Qasim Razvi's direction around the time of India's independence. Qasim Razvi was initially imprisoned following Hyderabad's incorporation into the indian Union. He was then permitted to relocate to Pakistan, where he was given shelter.

Will the Razakar movie create an impact on the telangana assembly Polls?

No film has had a significant impact on the polleven thoughhat numerous have been produced in the past that caused reactions from the people. The Razakar movie would certainly be used for political gain this year, as telangana is expected to have elections. It won't likely have a big effect on the polls, though.
According to numerous surveys, telangana voters choose their leaders depending on the state's progress. As a result, even while it probably won't have much of an impact on the impending telangana assembly elections, it will probably cause reactions from diverse social groups.

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