Did Jolly Thomas, serial cyanide killer of Kozhikode, suffer from a personality disorder?


According to sources Police say killer could have hidden traits of a psychopath, who went on to eliminate her husband, in-laws and relatives one after the other. Police began the probe into the deaths of six family members after Jolly’s former brother-in-law, Rojo, now settled in Florida, approached the Superintendent of Police and voiced his suspicions over the series of mysterious deaths.

Jolly, who allegedly killed six family members at regular intervals spanning over 14 years, could also be suffering from split personality, where she led two different roles in life that of a housewife and a cold blooded serial killer feels Director General of Police (DGP), Kerala, Lok Nath Behera. While primary forensic evidence suggests that Jolly poisoned six family members to death by serving them food laced with cyanide, her friends and close relatives feel that she is ‘innocent’ and is being framed in the case.

All these mysterious deaths took place in the family of retired government official Tom Thomas, while all six dead bodies were exhumed last week for the investigations. The cyanide serial killings seem to be the rarest of crimes to be reported in india in recent times. No wonder, the modus operandi of the killings has stunned state police chief Behera, who has investigated several high-profile cases as Joint Director, Special Crimes, in Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

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