Priyanka Chopra dates with an NRI

Sekar Chandra
Priyanka Chopra is not just 'Indian' anymore. She has turned Global and her life moves to and from between USA and India. Now a source says that she makes a relationship with an America based NRI. Priyanka Chopra recently signed her first Hollywood movie 'Bay Watch' along with Hollywood Super Star Dwayne Johnson.

The actress also works for the Hollywood series 'Quantico' and the second season premieres on March 6th. In this case, sources reveal that the actress is dating an American based NRI who owns lots of business in USA. A close friend of Ms.Priyanka Chopra said, "She is definitely seeing someone.

But even we don't know who it is. She likes to keep things closed. We are relieved as her last relationship was not going anywhere. She was working round the clock and she needed a break.

Everything she wanted in life was a man who can support her. When we asked, she said he is a combination of  Shahid Kapoor and Gerard Butler. Earlier it was like, work in America then get back to Mom. Now she plans to spend more time in US to spend time with the man with whom she decides to share her future."

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