3000 people held in Kuwait for VISA fraudulence

Sekar Chandra
Police arrested 3500 People in Kuwait for Visa fraudulence. And among the 3500, 300 residents were from Wagad region. Most of the people were said to be from Banswara and Dungarpur districts in Rajasthan. They were arrested with respect to violation of employment Visa norms in Kuwait.

However few workers were held up and then released after verification of all documents.  The rest of the arrested workers are likely to be deported in few days. Thousands of people from Banswara, Dungapur and Pratapgarh work in Ishtiqlal, Hazaawi and Khaithan areas in Kuwait.

Most of them are sent with 'Khadim Visa' (Domestic Employment Visa). That means, they are allowed to work only as domestic help. But most of them start working in factories and few other commercial centers. This is a clear violation of norms.

One of the person, Mr.Suresh who works in Kuwait who spoke to us through phone said, "Police checked the documents and released 150 out of 450 workers. Rest of them were arrested for violating the norms. A massive unexpected drive was conducted at Wagad area."

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