Bollywood Paparazzo Reveals His 'Least Fav' Celebrities !!!


Bollywood Paparazzo Reveals His 'Least Fav' Celebrities And One Of Them Is Jaya Bachchan

Bollywood shutterbug Varinder Chawla reveals insider secrets of bollywood celebs in Reddit AMA session.

Bollywood paparazzi have made it simpler for fans to get a glimpse intocelebrities' private lives by posting photos of them on social media. One of the famous paparazzo Varinder Chawla, who has there in the industry for 25 years, answered some of the curious questions about these celebrities. In a recent Reddit AMA session, he revealed some surprising facts about Bollywood's A-listers.

Chawla in the AMA concerned about his favorites and least favourites. While he admitted that "Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, deepika Padukone, and kareena kapoor are my favorites," he included jaya bachchan and taapsee pannu as his least favorites, describing Taapsee as the "rudest" and mentioning her distaste for photographers. He said, “Taapsee Pannu doesn’t like paps at all.”

Varinder also shared that several times celebrity management or publicists forced them to remove photos. Speaking of which, Varinder elaborated that something happened when karan singh grover showed the paparazzi the "middle finger," but they accepted the actor's request and did not release the footage.

When asked to identify a "fake actor" in bollywood, the photographer named ajay Devgn.

The paparazzi also discussed how he learns the locations of celebrities in the same Reddit AMA. According to Varinder, he receives a tip from both hotel and restaurant employees, and he has even had "beggars in Mumbai" phone his employees and offer them tips.

Varinder Chawla on Taimur ali Khan

While appearing on a renowned YouTuber's channel not long ago, Varinder Chawla also said that the paparazzi are completelysmitten with Taimur, kareena kapoor Khan, and Saif Ali Khan’s son.

“The demand increased so much that we began following him 24/7. Whether he was going to school or tuition, we were there. We even followed him while he played. We were disturbing the child’s personal life. That’s when they requested us to avoid certain places like school and tuition."

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