What happened to Alka Yagnik, how was the disease detected?


Alka Yagnik: What happened to Alka Yagnik, how was the disease detected? Know the whole matter in five questions

Famous singer Alka Yagnik is suffering from a rare disease. Her hearing ability has been affected. She is battling this problem after a viral attack. The actress has appealed to her fans and well-wishers to pray for her. Ever since the singer's disease was detected, people have been shocked. Everyone wants to know when she starts realizing this. Let's know the whole matter...

When did she realize the disease?

Popular singer Alka Yagnik shared a post related to her health on instagram on Tuesday, june 18. The post went viral in no time. people started talking about Alka Yagnik's disease everywhere. The singer told in the post that she is struggling with a rare physical problem. It is affecting her hearing ability. The singer told that she suddenly realized her disease a few weeks ago after a day of air travel. When she contacted the doctors about it, the disease was detected. Doctors have told that she has this problem due to a viral attack. This disease has been described as sensory nerve hearing loss.

What is sensory nerve hearing loss?

Alka Yagnik further said, 'To all my fans, friends, followers and well-wishers. A few weeks ago, when I got off the flight, I suddenly felt as if I was not able to hear anything. A few weeks have passed since this incident. Now I have gathered courage and decided to break the silence for all my friends and well-wishers. People were constantly asking me why I was not visible anywhere, so I wanted to tell them about this. In the investigation, doctors have described this rare disease as sensory neural nerve hearing loss. This happened after a viral attack. This sudden big shock has completely surprised me.

What advice has been given to people for prevention?

The singer has given some advice to people to stay careful of this disease. She said, 'I am trying to recover from this situation. You people also keep me in your prayers. I advise my fans and especially the youth to not listen to music at a very high volume and also be careful about the use of headphones. I also want to share the health hazards of my professional life one day. I hope that with all your love, life will be normal again and I will return to you all soon. At this time, the support and love of all of you means a lot.'

Can the disease be cured by treatment and surgery?

Sensory nerve hearing loss is an ear-related disease, which occurs due to a problem in the inner part of the ear (cochlea) or the auditory nerve. Dr. Zakir M Khan at a hospital in pune explains, 'Due to damage to the nerves that transmit messages from the ear to the brain, the ability to hear can be lost gradually or suddenly. This problem is also called "sensorineural hearing loss".' This hearing loss is often permanent and cannot be cured by medicine or surgery. However, it can be controlled with the right medicine and hearing aids.

What did the film celebrities say?

After the singer's illness was detected, everyone from sonu nigam to AR rahman has expressed concern. sonu nigam commented on Alka's instagram post, 'I knew something was not right. I will meet you when I get back.' AR rahman wrote, 'Wishing you a speedy recovery. Lots of prayers and love.' Senior singer Ila Arun wished Alka a speedy recovery and wrote, 'Very sad to hear this. Dear Alka, I saw your picture and reacted, but then I read, it is heartbreaking. But with prayers and the grace of the best doctors of today, you will be fine and soon we will hear your melodious voice. Take care of yourself. Apart from these, shankar mahadevan and poonam dhillon have also expressed concern.

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