Hardik Pandya proposed to Natasha without telling parents

Hardik Pandya proposed to natasha without telling parents…

Hardik Pandya and natasha Stankovic are in the news these days. Their married life remains the talk of the town. There are rumors of their divorce. natasha and hardik have been married for four years. news of the couple's separation started coming when natasha changed her name on Instagram. Also, she did not comment on going out. While fans are waiting for a clear answer on the couple's relationship, a report has surdata-faced about hardik and Natasha's engagement. hardik did not even tell his parents before proposing to Natasha.

Hardik proposed to natasha on New Year in the year 2020. He announced his engagement by sharing photos. A few months after the announcement of the engagement, the couple had an intimate wedding in lockdown and announced the pregnancy. They welcomed son agastya a few months later.

Did not tell parents

Hardik talked about his engagement in Harsha Bhogle's show Cricbuzz in 2020. hardik had told that 'I had decided to propose natasha without discussing it with my family. My parents also did not know that I was getting engaged. Two days ago I told Krunal - I have found someone in my life whom I love and I am becoming a better person. He supported me and said do whatever you want to do.'

Natasha did not know about Hardik

Hardik told that when we met for the first time, she did not know that I was a popular cricketer. hardik said- 'I got her by talking. At the place where I met her, she saw someone wearing a cap, cap, chain, watch at 1 o'clock in the night. So she thought that 'a different kind of man has come'. After that I started talking to her and we started knowing each other. After that we dated and got engaged on 31 December.

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