Comedian Nalin Yadav expressed his pain

Comedian Nalin Yadav expressed his pain…

Indore's stand-up comedian Nalin Yadav was arrested in 2021 along with comedian Munawwar Farooqui. He was allegedly accused of hurting religious sentiments. He remained behind bars for 57 days in this case. Later he got bail. At the same time, now the stand-up comedian has shared a video in which some people are seen attacking his brother. This video has surprised everyone.

Local goons are harassing

Let us tell you that Nalin has alleged that local goons have been harassing him a lot since he was released from jail. Late on sunday night, Nalin released a video of March. The video shows some people attacking him and his brother on the road. Nalin claimed in an instagram post along with the video that since his arrest, he and his brother have data-faced "constant harassment and violence from local goons and ruling party allies".

Broke brother's leg

In the post, the comedian wrote, 'I thought that if I leave this place, my brother will get peace from this situation, but unfortunately, he broke my brother's leg last year. We filed the first FIR, but nothing happened. Two months later, he broke the same leg and we filed the FIR again, but nothing happened. Finally, we decided to move to another city. It was financially and mentally difficult, but we tried.

Police filed FIR for fighting with goons

Nalin further wrote, "But a month ago, I got a warrant at my house, and I came to know that the police had filed an FIR against me for fighting with those goons. I was completely unaware. They directly sent an arrest warrant against me. Now, the situation is difficult for us. We don't know what to do, how to survive this situation, financially and mentally we are broken.

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