When Sanjay Dutt entered Sridevi's makeup room?

When sanjay dutt entered Sridevi's makeup room…?

Fans were awed by every act of late and veteran actress sridevi, who held the status of the first female superstar of hindi cinema. sridevi was an unmatched combination of dance, acting and acting. sridevi had worked with many big superstars in her film career. He showcased his excellent acting skills with many big actors including amitabh bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, mithun Chakraborty, Rishi Kapoor, anil kapoor and Sunny Deol. On the big screen, her pairing was also with 'Sanju Baba' i.e. Sanjay Dutt. sanjay dutt and sridevi have also worked together in a film. However, you will be surprised to know that their first film together also proved to be their last film together. Both were never seen together after one film. The reason for this is said to be Sanjay Dutt. Due to one action of sanjay dutt, sridevi always remained shy of working with Sanjay. Once something happened on the set due to which sridevi got angry and swore to never work with Sanjay Dutt. Let us know what is the matter.

When sridevi was frightened by this action of Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt has gone through a very bad phase in his life. There was a time when sanjay dutt was drunk all the time. Sanjay used to drink a lot when he started his career in Bollywood. Due to this action of his, once sridevi got very nervous and she became very angry with Sanjay Dutt. sridevi turned to bollywood after earning name in South indian cinema. His first bollywood film was 'Himmatwala'.

When Sanjay got the news that sridevi was shooting for this film, he reached the set to meet her. This was the period when both sridevi and Sanjay were new to Bollywood. Sanjay made his debut in the year 1982 with the film 'Rocky'. Sanjay used to drink a lot of drugs since the beginning of his career. Drunk Sanjay wanted to meet Sridevi. He was told that the actress was in the makeup room. Sanjay went towards the make-up room and started knocking loudly on the door. sridevi was badly scared by this incident. sridevi did not open the door. But Sanjay started knocking the door more loudly. Then sridevi opened the door. sanjay dutt entered the make-up room and in an intoxicated state, he said many things to Sridevi. Many people came to rescue and pulled Sanjay out of the make-up room.

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