When will Siddhant and Trupti Dimri's 'Dhadak 2' be released?

When will Siddhant and Trupti Dimri's 'Dhadak 2' be released? 

In the year 2018, the film Dhadak was released in which Jhanvi Kapoor and ishaan Khattar made their bollywood debut. A love story was shown in the film which touched everyone's heart. Now the film Dhadak 2 is coming in dharma Production in which siddhant chaturvedi and Trupti Dimri will be seen in lead roles. This film will be based on a unique love story which will touch your heart once again. The makers have shared big updates regarding the film. The film Dhadak 2 will hit the box office this year. A small glimpse of how the story of this film will be was shown in a video, through which you will understand what its story is but the excitement of watching the film will also increase.

Release date of 'Dhadak 2' announced

Dharma Production has shared a small teaser of the film Dhadak 2. In which it was shown on which issue the story of the film would be. The caption of this video read, 'Presenting Dhadak 2 in which siddhant chaturvedi and Trupti Dimri will be in lead roles and the film will be directed by Shazia Iqbal. The film will be released in theaters on 22 november 2024. At the beginning of the video that has been shared, a wall is shown and some different things are written on it. Along with this, the names of the production houses of the film are also written. Then comes writing 'There was one king, one was queen, castes were different, end of story.' After this the data-faces of Siddhant and Trupti are shown. A voice comes in the background, 'The dream you are seeing, Vidhi, has no place in reality.' Just then a girl's voice comes and she says, 'Then tell me this also Nilesh...what should I do with these feelings.'

The film Dhadak 2 can be a love story in which two lovers are unable to meet due to being from different castes. Or even if they meet, their condition becomes like that of madhukar and Parthvi in 'Dhadak' (2018). You will know how the film will be on 22 november 2024, for now it will be a love story which will be produced by karan Johar.

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