Will Anupama Proves It Wrong?

S Venkateshwari
Some actresses frequently achieve a massive blockbuster with a commercial film before shocking audiences by appearing in female-centric films thereafter. That is what is killing their careers, which have only recently begun, and cine-observers believe that these starlets are making an unintentional error. Another case has recently been added to that file.

We've seen how anushka failed to capitalise on the 'Baahubali' hype, but went on to appear in female-centric films like Bhagmathie and Nishabhdam, as well as cameos in blockbuster films like Sye Raa and Oopiri. Later on, we haven't seen her career shine. The same is true for Keerthy Suresh, who rose to prominence with mahanati before moving on to films such as Penguin, Miss India, Good Luck Sakhi, and Saani Kadiyam, all of which failed to work for her. Despite appearing in mainstream films such as sarkaru vaari paata and Dasara, the actress has unable to achieve stardom in Tollywood.

Cut to Anupama Parameswaran, who recently scored a blockbuster, her first of sorts, with Tillu Square. She should have capitalised on that by signing more commercial pictures. However, the actress has female-centric films such as Prashanth Varma's Octopus, cinema Bandi famous director's Paradha, and a new film by tamil filmmaker AR Jeeva. It will be good if these pictures succeed; otherwise, she may only receive a few commercial films, and no one can foresee what will happen to her career.
In a nutshell, many people believe that filming back-to-back female-centric films is not a good idea, as priyanka chopra and kangana ranaut both lost their careers in bollywood after extended stints in such projects. Let us see whether Anupama can debunk this sentiment.

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