These stars including Sunny Leone remain missing!


These stars including sunny leone remain missing! 

Today i.e. on 20th May, voting took place in mumbai in which many bollywood celebrities came to cast their votes. Many stars including Shahrukh with family, amitabh bachchan with wife, aishwarya Rai Bachchan, varun Dhawan, kiara advani, Ranbir Kapoor, prem chopra with Sarman Joshi, salman khan with Salim Khan, aamir khan with ex-wife voted. Many stars also posed for the paps after casting their votes. When akshay kumar got indian citizenship for the first time, he also voted for the first time. But many stars remained missing from the polling booth. people thought that these stars would also come to vote but this could not happen and there is a different reason for this.

These stars did not vote

alia Bhatt: bollywood actress alia bhatt did not vote and cannot vote. Actually, alia has got british citizenship and her mother soni razdan also has british citizenship, hence alia cannot vote in any election in India.

katrina Kaif: bollywood actress katrina kaif has been living in india for many years. But cannot acquire rights here. Actually, katrina kaif has got british citizenship and hence she cannot vote.

Jacqueline Fernandes: Actress Jacqueline is Sri Lankan and hence she too cannot take part in any election. Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline has been associated with hindi cinema after living in india for many years.

Imran Khan: Superstar Aamir Khan's nephew and actor imran khan also lives in india but cannot vote. Actually Imran was born in America and he has got citizenship there.

Sunny Leone: bollywood actress sunny leone has been living in india for almost 17 years but cannot vote. sunny leone is a resident of canada and is also a citizen there.

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