Coolie team SRH looks like top order!

Coolie team SRH looks like top order! Ratnakumar greeted lokesh with affection even though he was removed from the film! 

While the title teaser of Rajinikanth's Kooli directed by lokesh kanagaraj is out, director Ratnakumar has posted a message congratulating it.

Rajinikanth's salary

As Rajinikanth will be acting in lokesh Kanagaraj's directorial debut, the anticipation for the film is increasing day by day. The film, which is being produced on a grand scale by sun Pictures, has been tentatively named Pradhan 171. In this situation, the title teaser of the film leader 171 was released yesterday evening. Accordingly, the film team has announced that the title of the film has been kept as Coolie.

Lokesh-Ratnakumar alliance breakup

Ratna Kumar assisted him in his last three films Master, Vikram, and Leo directed by lokesh Kanagaraj. There was an expectation that this alliance will continue in Kooli film as well. But it was announced that he will not work in Rajinikanth's film as Ratna Kumar lokesh is going to direct the film. It was also rumored that Ratnakumar is going to direct the film starring lawrence under the production of Lokesh.

Ratnakumar was removed from Lokesh's film

Along with producing the film starring lawrence, lokesh is said to have written the story of the film and Ratnakumar is said to be writing and directing the film. lokesh recently announced the film starring Lawrence. But in the director's name, instead of Ratna Kumar, Pakyaraj Kannan's name appeared. The fans were shocked. There were also reports that there was a fight between Ratnakumar and lokesh after he was dropped from Benz.

Ratnakumar congratulated Lokesh

To put an end to all those controversies, director Ratnakumar posted on his X site page congratulating him on the release of the title teaser of Lokesh's next film Cooley. On that note, let's conclude... What a great title for Cooley Superstar. Everything from the use of black tones to highlight the gold to the choice of music is superb. Congratulations lokesh for this film reaching the 4-digit box office number. Rajinikanth, Anirudh, Girish Gangatharan, Anbarivu, Philomin, sun Pictures, and watching this team is like watching the top order of the Sunrisers team. 'Effort pays its true reward'. Ratnakumar posted, "Congratulations to all the cool film team.

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