NTR Fans Still can't digest that ?

S Venkateshwari
Of course, april 5th is now recognised for the release of "Family Star" and as the birthday of National crush Rashmika Mandanna. However, this was actually meant to be "Devara" day since Global Star Jr. NTR's action-packed schedule was originally scheduled for this day. However, the movie was rescheduled, and the producers set october 10th as the new release date.

The producers of "Devara," however, may have overlooked april 5th because they are frantically wrapping up the film's production and bringing international-caliber visual effects to the telugu cinema. But Jr. ntr followers haven't forgotten the day, and this friday they're all over social media, speculating about and tweeting what they would have said if Devara had come out on schedule.

Based on the manner in which some fans are sharing those tweets, it appears that they had great expectations for april 5th and had even started to prepare for it at the time. However, even if some of them have liked this particular occasion, october 10th will undoubtedly be a major day for them in the field. Furthermore, the makers of Devara hinted sufficiently that they would potentially lock in the august 15th release date of pushpa 2, should the allu arjun film fail to make it on time—a claim refuted by the latter's crew.

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