Sonarika was seen making halwa wearing a suit and salwar!!

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Sonarika was seen making halwa wearing a suit and salwar!!!

Popular tv actress Sonarika Bhadauria got married just a few months ago. The actress had seven flings with her long-time boyfriend Vikas Parashar. At present Sonarika is enjoying a happy married life with her husband. It has been 2 months since Sonarika got married. Now, after 2 months of marriage, the actress has had her first marriage, a glimpse of which has been shared by TV's Parvati with her fans. Sonarika, who became famous in every household with her role of Parvati in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, married her boyfriend Vikas Parashar on 18 February. The actress chose Vikas as her partner after 13 years of dating. Now the actress has had her first kitchen after 2 months of marriage.

sonarika's first kitchen after two months of marriage

Sonarika has shown a glimpse of her first kitchen on her instagram story. The actress has shared a video of her performing the first kitchen ritual. In this video, Sonarika is seen making halwa for her in-laws and husband.

Sonarika made halwa in the first kitchen

It is seen in the video that Sonarika is standing in the kitchen. His stove is decorated with flowers. The actress is also well prepared like a newlywed. During this, Sonarika is wearing a yellow color suit with a Banarasi dupatta. At the same time, she has completed her look by wearing vermilion in her hands and bangles in her hands.

The actress dressed like a newlywed bride

Sonarika is seen making halwa during this time. She is wearing a halwa like a newlywed bride. Halwa also looks very tasty. Watching the video, it seems that Sonarika has made this entire halwa alone without anyone's help.

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